Top 10 Creative Ways to Use Drones to Improve Everyday Life

Drones have become a staple not just in travelling but also in people’s daily lives - from cleaning windows to tennis practices and mountain hiking to monitoring crops. Below are top 10 ways drones are being used in creative and innovative ways:

1. Drones for Hunting Trip Scouting

Scouting has never been as easy when using drones. Instead of getting yourself in the mud, you can just sit in one location and control your drone to survey the area for you. It could give you perspective on areas beyond what your binoculars can see. Also, it provides accessibility to those who aren’t as mobile to join in on the fun. The more the merrier, eh?

2. Drones for Mountain Hiking

Drones are commonly known for their ability to capture stunningly beautiful photos of stunning landscapes. Aside from photography, and less known to many people, drones can also be used as an invaluable aid while hiking. A drone can give you a better view of the trail, making it easier, among many other things, to estimate how much more distance you need to cover to reach the top of the mountain or end of trail. Also, drones give you an aerial shot of the high points that you cannot reach. In short, whether it is for aerial photography or tracking, drones have become an essential to get when you hike or just travel in general.

3. Search and Rescue Drones

Drones may have been in demand for travelling, racing, and aerial photography and videography purposes. More recently, drones have become invaluable aids to search and rescue operations. Drones can provide real-time view of the vicinity in the aftermath of an earthquake or hurricane, for instance. They can also aid in locating a lost person in the mountain. Real-time imagery gives the emergency responders the necessary information to make better and quicker decisions.

4. Medical Emergency Drones

During emergency transplants, there are cases when organs are not available in the hospital, and assistance from other hospitals is needed. In heavily congested highways, using cars or any land vehicles to transport organs from one hospital to another could take a great amount of time. Drones have proven themselves to be extremely helpful in transporting organs in a timely manner. It saves time, as well as lives.

5. Traffic Surveillance Drones

Drones have been used for traffic monitoring, especially in heavily congested highways. Having an aerial view of the traffic gives traffic enforcers necessary information to formulate a plan to alleviate traffic congestion problems. It makes it easier to plan which paths to reroute in order to create a better flow of traffic, or to cause less of it.

6. Tennis Training Drones

Tennis coaches have taken their training up a notch by using drones to drop tennis balls from various angles and heights in different areas of the court. The tennis coach is able to take pictures or videos to analyse the player’s swing as the balls are dropped. The analysis can also be used to improve the strokes and as well as the form that the players should assume in order to increase their overall performance.

7. Drones for Painting

In addition to being tiring, painting walls can be quite messy if you’re not careful. With the advent of drones, you can easily imagine how drones could be designed to do all the painting on your behalf, while you sit back and relax on your couch while controlling your drone's every action. Drones for painting could easily alleviate the need to climb laters and other dangerous or inconvenient areas. Safe and convenient, and sometimes it works faster and (cough) better than you.

8. Drones for Cleaning

Who would’ve thought that drones could be used for cleaning as well? Cleaning windows in buildings, towers, solar panels and other structures is a dangerous endeavour, and is commonly associated with fatal accidents. Rather than make workers stand on a hanging platform to clean those windows, drones can be deployed to do all the cleaning. In addition to being efficient, drones for painting would also offer a safer way of completing what are otherwise dangerous responsibilities.

9. Drones for Fishing

Drones can also all to easily be used for fishing, but not in the sense of attaching a fishing line, hook, and bait to a drone. Rather, drones are used to transport a fishing line and bait to a specific location where fishers want to fish. Drones provide a bird's eye view of the water, making it easier for fishermen to scout fishes. Drones can also allow monitoring of fish moments before they bite the bait.

10. Drones for Agriculture

Technology in the agriculture sector have continuously evolved to meet the demands of the industry. Drones are but another revolutionary tool that can be used to improve strategies for sustainable food production. Drones can be used to analyse fields and soil, and even plan for seed planting patterns. Drones can also be used in scanning the ground as well as for aerial spraying, which experts believe can be completed up to five times faster than with traditional machinery. The enhanced ability to monitor crops also means the ability for farmers to identify and address problems with their crop in a timely and efficient manner. 

2017 Oct 8th Skynex Global Drones Ltd.

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