Four Ways to Turn Your Hobby Drone Into a Profitable Investment

Four Ways to Turn Your Hobby Drone Into a Profitable Investment

Drones coming in all different shapes, forms, and sizes, and serve different purposes. Large industrial drones, for instance, are more commonly known for their military and commercial uses. Smaller consumer FPV hobby racing drones are known for the thrill they provide through their high-performance, competitive drone racing motors and their live 3D virtual reality video feed. For their part, professional aerial photography drones are known to consumers for their intelligent flight and photography modes and features that facilitate the newly emerging art of aerial drone photography. This blog post discusses four of the best ways to profit from drones. 

1. Could Your Hobby Drone Land You a Job as a Drone Operator

While the Skynex Global Drone store does not sell any military drones, there is an increasing demand for drone operators in the U.S. military. Drones have become a new and effective way of conducting military operations under circumstances that would present too high of a risk for humans. Thanks to military drones, drone operators are able to perform their missions and operations while remaining safe in their territory. Unlike consumer hobby drones, drone operators must undergo formal training in order to become military drone operators. As the advantages of using drones in military operations resonate across the industry, drone operators are increasing in demand in the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air Force. As the number of positions for drone pilots has surpassed the number of positions available in conventional piloting positions, the U.S. government is having recourse to new recruitment methods that go as far as recruiting amateur drone pilots, and even gamers. 

2. Top Dollars for Commercial Drone Pilots

Perhaps bigger than the military sector is the broader commercial sector. As with the military context, drones are being used in a commercial context for an increasing number of applications and purposes.  Such is the case in forest management, the media, forest firefighters, wild life tracking, oil pipeline inspections, oil rig inspections, and more. As commercial applications for drones usually require excellent drone piloting skills, companies are willing to pay the top dollars for commercial drone operators. Remuneration for commercial drone operators can range anywhere from $2,500 for small periodic projects, to $70,000 a year for full-time, year-round commercial drone operator positions. PriceWaterhouseCoopers estimates that the market for commercial drone positions could be as high as $127 million by year 2020.  

3. Make it to the Big Drone Racing Leagues

Aside from military and commercial applications of drones, the sport of FPV drone racing has blown up in popularity in the past two years thanks to big names like the International Drone Racing Association ("IDRA") and the The Drone Racing League ("DRL"). As seen with MultiGP, local drone racing leagues are springing up all over the globe. These local leagues have become a gateway into the professional drone racing leagues, like the IDRA and the DRL. Drone racing champions continue to win big prize money. One drone racing pilot, Jawz, recently won a $70,000 professional drone racing contract with the DRL by winning a 2017 Bud Light drone racing competition, a competition that was held entirely on the DRL's drone racing simulator. Jawz used his own personal racing drone as well as the freely available DRL drone racing simulator to reach the professional drone racing league. Last year, the winner of the IDRA Grand Prix in Dubai hit a gold mine by winning $250,000 in prize money. The winner of the DRL's season 2 will receive $100,000 is prize money. 

4. Become Creative w/ Aerial Drone Photography

Finally, another common way that people are using drones to profit is through creative aerial drone photography. All you'll need is a professional aerial photography drone, creativity, and an artistic spirit. Professional aerial drone photography has become a highly specialized form of photography that calls upon a unique skill set that private parties and companies are willing to pay top dollars for. Some aerial drone photography sometimes requires two people to produce successful aerial drone photos: one person to operate the drone, another to operate its camera. Freelance work for aerial drone photography has exploded as much as drone racing. People have an interest in aerial drone photography because of the new and unique world of perspective it offers.

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