Fake Live Shanghai 2020 New Year's Eve Drone Swarm Light Show

Fake Live Shanghai 2020 New Year's Eve Drone Swarm Light Show

Critics are raving at the fact that the otherwise spectacular New Year's eve drone show that was put on display in Shanghai was not actually happening live before its audience. Rather, it has been alleged that the entire drone performance had been recorded days prior to the New Year's event. The event was said to feature some 2,000 drones that flew into surgically-precise and picture perfect flight formations, first emulating firework designs, then a running man, followed by planets, and finally a New Year's Eve countdown in Chinese characters. No mention was made as to whether the drone swarm show in question exceeded Intel's 5-minute long,  world record-breaking drone swarm show back in 2018 in Folsom, California. The event in question counted 2,018 drones, thereby exceed the previous world record that had been set in April of the same year by the Chinese company Xi'an City Wall, which is said to have counted 1,374 drones.

Fake Live Drone Swarm Light Shows As Good As a Live Lip Sync Concert

There is unquestionably something sensational to be said about delivering an impeccably satisfying live show before the scrupulous masses. The admirable perfection and authenticity of the art of drone swarms is arguably lost, a least in part, when not in fact performed live before its audience. Perhaps worst than the action of not performing a show live before an audience are the apparently false claims that were made to the contrary that is, that the show was in fact performed live. World news agencies confirmed through authentic and reliable sources that the drone swarm show had in fact been captured on film days prior to New Year's Eve, and responsible Chinese telecommunication agencies ensure that the otherwise fake live broadcast appears to be original and authentic to its viewership.

Public From the "There and Then" Confirm The Inauthentic Character of the Shanghai Drone Swarm Light Show

The inauthenticity of Shanghai's 2020 drone swarm show was allegedly further debunked by individuals who were physically present at the location of the alleged "live" drone show in Shanghai. These individuals confirmed through personal statements as well as through personal video footage the actual events that transpired during New Year's Eve in Shanghai; these sources confirmed that no live drone swarm light show was in fact performed on New Year's Eve in Shanghai.

Question Marks

Inevitably, this event has left many with big question marks. For starts, how the government-sponsored Chinese media company behind the "fake Shanghai New Year's Even drone swarm light show" thought it could ever get away with pulling off such an overtly public stunt without almost simultaneously being so easily disclaimed by actual members of the public remains a mystery. So does the question of why the Chinese media company thought it so important to broadcast a New Year's Eve drone swarm light show so as to have to manufacture false claims about the authenticity of the event. Perhaps the Chinese company in question was entirely indifferent about staging an unauthentic New Year's Eve drone swarm light show on a day that perhaps was not authentically New Year's Eve in the Chinese calendar? Perhaps it was seen as more important to reaffirm and assert China's dominance over the world's consumer hobby drone markets on a day that is otherwise significant to most of the "Western word"?

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